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Fundraising Administration Programs Legal Services for Charitable & Not-For-Profit Organizations
Why Administration is important
Maintaining Books & Records
Hiring Key Employees

Why Administration is Important
Effective administration of a charitable or not-for-profit organization is important. An organization must be efficient and organized if it is to be successful in accomplishing its mandate. Geodesic helps our charitable and not-for-profit clients “behind the scenes” so they can focus their efforts on the good work they have set out to do.

Effective administration also helps fundraising efforts. Donors are more likely to provide funding to organizations that spend most of their money on programs and only a small portion on administration. Keeping administration costs to a minimum is critical.

Maintaining Books and Records
Better administration and operation of programs improves fundraising initiatives. Charitable and not-for-profit organizations raise more money from existing funding providers and raise money from new providers if certain elements are in place in their administration and programs. Geodesic reviews both administration and programs to ensure that these elements are in place.

Geodesic helps our clients maintain their books and records. We can develop accounting practices to ensure that expenses are properly allocated to administration, fundraising and programs. We also review and revise accounting practices where appropriate so that potential donors get the information they need to evaluate funding applications.

Geodesic also provides bookkeeping services for charitable and not-for-profit organizations. We track funding for individual projects, track memberships, volunteer hours and value, donations, in-kind donations, grants and pledges and provide detailed reports so that charitable and not-for-profit organizations can better understand where their largest contributions are coming from so that fundraising drives and campaigns can be focused accordingly.

It is also important for charitable and not-for-profit organizations to maintain the following records:

• Register of members

• Register of directors

• Proceedings of Committees

• Corporate filings, including notices of change for officers and directors and annual information returns

• Members meetings records, which may include notice to members, adoption of minutes from the previous meeting, adoption of agenda, presentation of financial statements, appointment of auditors, election of directors, changing of bylaws and special resolutions,

Geodesic also helps clients to issue charitable receipts and store and manage documents in an electronic format.

Hiring Key Employees
As with all organizations, hiring decisions for charitable and not-for-profit organizations are important. However, hiring decisions for charities and not-for-profits are even more critical because most charities and not-for-profits are small and only have a couple of employees at most.

Geodesic can help charitable and not-for-profit organizations hire the right person for a job. We can help develop executive director and other job descriptions, conduct interviews and identify the elements needed to make a person successful in their position.