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Fundraising Services
Geodesic provides fundraising services for charitable and not-for-profit organizations in Canada and the United States.

On a basic level, fundraising involves identifying potential funding providers and asking them for money. Although these two tasks are among the most important aspects, successful fundraising requires a much more sophisticated approach.

Successful fundraising starts with planning and research. Geodesic is able to identify various sources of potential revenue available to charities and not-for-profits. This may consist of philanthropic donations and sponsorship contracts. There may be other sources of revenue available to our clients, such as donations of items that can be sold through on-line auctions or fundraising events. These revenue sources can be significant and we can take steps to shorten the time required to develop them.

Philanthropic donations are financial or in-kind contributions for which the contributor expects little in return. Geodesic is able to effectively canvass the philanthropic market in North America to identify and research potential donors and apply to these donors for funding. Information on tens of thousands of potential donors across North America is available at our fingertips.

How to Improve Fundraising
Better administration and operation of programs improves fundraising initiatives. Charitable and not-for-profit organizations raise more money from existing funding providers and raise money from new providers if certain elements are in place in their administration and programs. Geodesic reviews both administration and programs to ensure that these elements are in place.

For example, some donors provide increased funding to charitable organizations that quantify and report volunteer time devoted to programs. It may be advantageous for organizations to implement a system to track volunteer time and ensure the desired information gets to funding targets.

Other elements of administration and programs that Geodesic often reviews for clients includes:

Financial reporting – are you giving donors the information they need to give you funding?

Accounting practices and allocation of expenses to administration, fundraising and programs. Donors want to see the extent to which a charity’s revenues are spent on programs versus administration and funding – do the financial statements provide this information and are the ratios consistent with their expectations? Bad program to fundraising/administration ratios will result in rejected funding applications.

Membership program – who is following the organization’s activities? The more people who are interested, the more money sponsors will give.

Communications – most targeted philanthropic donors will go to the organization’s web site – is the message on the web site consistent with funding applications? Is there anything on the site that will cause donors to reject funding applications?

Program effectiveness reporting – donors want to know that their money has been well spent. Proper reporting back to donors is necessary to ensure that donors continue to provide funding year after year.

At Geodesic, we see our role as providing advice and helping in any way we can to raise funding. Final decision making on all matters of operation remains with our clients. If we identify a need for a change in a particular aspect of administration or programs to help with fundraising, we will only suggest the change and the rationale for the change. The final call belongs to our client. And of course, we would be pleased to help implement the change.